How to Cook EXCUSES? Sylvia Lim?


As the AHPETC S&CC scandal deepens, Ms Sylvia Lim has been playing hide and seek with the media. Unfortunately, instead of being truthful and open about the situation, Ms Sylvia Lim and her team have been busy cooking up excuses …

Excuse: “In order to get the arrears reports into the format MND required, our staff needed to spend time doing manual sorting and counting. Given the multiple demands, our finance team had to prioritize – the audit by our commercial auditors in 2013 and then the AGO audit in 2014.”

Fact: All Town Councils report their S&CC arrears rate on a monthly basis using a simple table. The table has only 2 fields, one stating how many households owed S&CC and the other for how long. AHPETC had been submitting their monthly S&CC arrears report using the standard format until Apr 2013.


Excuse: “As for not submitting statements, the AHPETC finance team is strapped preparing documents for the AGO audit. This has delayed AHPETC’s own audit, and MND has been informed of this delay.”

Fact: AHPETC had stopped submitting the required monthly S&CC arrears report to MND after Apr 2013. This was many months before the AGO audit, which started only in Feb 2014.

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