So expensive lah? Cheaper next door leh?




And so we complain about our food being more expensive. Next door is cheaper leh.

Our cars are only slightly more expensive :/ although nobody knows really.

We pay lesser tax if corruption adds to our neighbour’s list.. Oh no wait, not everyone pays more over there. It really depends.


But then we complain and complain. We think it sucks to live here although deep down we all know we don’t want to be living there really.


1. NO Security

And I’m not even referring to crime rates. Although I did have friends got robbed in broad daylight when they are there. I’m talking about buying of properties there. They can change the law tomorrow. So even if it’s cheaper, are you willing to lose all that you have invested? Well, I think I wouldn’t.


2. LESSER Control

True though. Their authorities are not as efficient as ours, and maybe that’s why even our infamous hacker gotta go there to whack our Govt. Haha but end up also kena caught lah. That makes me wonder… Do we really want lesser control over our people? For us to think about it.



We have the GREAT Workers’ Party, ok lah, minus a few bad apples in it. They give our darling White Shirts some competition and I like to think that it’s healthy. Based on what has been circulated online, our Opposition has really gained a lot of votes for the next election. Well, they do have to solve the AHPETC issues first lah.


4. Football Singapore

Always go, almost always win lah. Fandi and gang may have retired but they are legends lah. Then again, our neighbours’ fans, the Ultras, are scarier. I’m with them on this one.


5. Won’t kena hiong so easily

Apart from Sim Lim Square and some say People’s Park now.. We are considered quite steady people already lah. Red dot on the world map turned into 1st world country know? Don’t play play lor.


6. Army?

Every mother son think we very wayang. Think we have a lot of paper generals. But in the region, people fear us lor. Why? Cos we really can fight one lah. Our technology is sibei solid. And also National Service keeps us quite current lah. Wayang or not, it works lor.


7. Really not happy here? Go there be citizen lor….

Complain complain. Compare compare. Say expensive this expensive that. There cheaper. Go there stay lor. Wanna retire there? Try lor. All also say only nia. Really ask you go, you also jialat.

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