Chen Better Than Low? Low Thia Khiang uses people?

Pawns to Low Thia Khiang ??

                                  “I feel betrayed” – ERIC TAN (ex WP)

right after GE11, when he, as the East Coast GRC team leader was being side stepped by Low Thia Khiang when his team was entitled to a NCMP position.  That post was instead handed to Gerald Giam who joined WP only in 2009 comparing to Eric Tan, who had helped WP to build the East Coast GRC since 2005.

“I am disappointed that Low (Thia Khiang) and part of the CEC have decided to go against the people’s wishes, citing party renewal as their reason.

I too, also believe in the renewal of the party but in an orderly manner, with succession plans.

“But not like this, dropped like a bomb.”


Fast forward nine months, Yaw Shin Leong, Low Thia Khiang’s  protégé, was being EXPELLED.   (Expel – “kick out”, “throw out” )

Reason? YSL  failed to answer to allegations. Allegations which even LTK himself has considered as just rumours.

For the past three weeks since the allegations against YSL having extramarital affair surfaced, LTK and WP  have been seen all the way behind YSL, all singing the same tune –  ‘no comments’ .

26 Jan 2012 – YSL – I do not wish to comment on rumour.
28 Jan 2012 – LTK – “You said yourself these are rumours, why are you still asking me?”
28 Jan 2012 – Five other WP parliamentarians contacted either did not respond or said “no comment”

             7 Feb 2012 – YSL resigned as treasurer of the CEC.  No reason  was given. 

            When asked about the surprised move:-

            9 Feb 2012 – YSL – “I have nothing to add”
            9 Feb 2012 – LTK – “I have nothing else to add”
            9 Feb 2012 – Sylvia Lim – “We do not have anything to add”

            12 Feb 2012 – WP team – including YSL & LTK,  appeared happily at a CNY celebration.  


Just when it seemed that WP was indeed one for all and all for one, on 15 Feb 2012,  a bombshell was dropped (yes, just like Eric Tan said “dropped like a bomb”) – Yaw Shin Leong was expelled !

Being expelled is a serious case. Just like what LTK said, this is probably the first in WP. So, should not then a matter of such magnitude be granted at least a proper investigation?   Base on the press conference, YSL has not attended their internal meetings.  He was not advised as to how to handle the matter because “he is an adult”.  That’s it?

What puzzles me most is, for a pair whom everyone knows are of such close relationship liken to mentor-disciple or even father and son, LTK could just brushed it off during the press conference that theirs was solely a business relationship?? There was not even a tinge of knowledge to each other’s personal lives??  I had previously worked with a boss for a decade and ours was also a professional relationship, yet, we knew what was going on in each other’s life, no need for details, but yes, we know simply because we care.

Did YSL have no respect at all for his mentor of 10 years to at least fill him in on the truth?  Did LTK have no concerns at all for his protégé , to do all he can to find out the truth and to help him at least professionally?

And how it must have hurt to hear your mentor trying his best to alienate himself from you just because you are now considered a liability.

YSL joined WP June 2001  and has been holding various CEC positions since then.   He has helped LTK through all his past elections since he joined WP.  In GE11, he even surpassed LTK’s  GE06 percentage vote in Hougang, which he credited his victory to his mentor LTK.

The least, as a mentor, probably LTK / WP could have just announced that YSL has  resigned?

But they chose to expel. Why?  Does it not matter that someone  who has contributed so much to the party, to at least  ‘save him some face’ and perhaps his future career ?  Or is it more important to save the name of the party?

I agree that that YSL is indeed very irresponsibile on his part especially now that he just ‘vanish’ to another country. But if the leader could have helped to handle the matter in a more appropriate manner, could this have been avoided?


1)    GE2011, LTK, abandoned Hougang supporters after 20 years, to contest in Aljunied GRC. And when WP won Aljunied, almost all resources have to be channelled to Aljunied and  “the entire HGCC is made up of very very new and inexperienced activitists”

2)    Hougang’s MP YSL went missing for a week after the allegations flew, yet LTK made no effort to address the residents.

3)    Then their MP was sacked without any warning. The one whom LTK had highly recommended and they have voted for.

In the past three weeks, at no point in time did LTK, the chief, even gave any slight indication that they will conduct an investigation into the allegation, leaving residents hanging to make wild guesses.

LTK is the party leader.  He is responsible for all in his party. If he thinks that his member has not been responsible, then he, as the leader, has to be out there assuring the residents.

Instead, he continued to give residents the impression that everything is okay.

When YSL resigned from the party leadership on 7 Feb 2012, WP’s statement then was

            “The Workers’ Party assures residents of Hougang of the Party’s commitment to the constituency and tosupporting the work of their Member of Parliament”

The CNY celebration on 12 Feb went a step further to show that everything has been taken care of. Who would have thought that LTK / WP pulled a sudden U-turn three days later?

Now, Hougang is left without a MP and Low Thia Khiang has pushed the blame not only on YSL but is also pushing the responsibility back to our PM Lee

“Perhaps the PM should look at the sentiment (on the ground) and not drag too long for the by-election if he has a national agenda and wants to move on.” 

So who are the above to Low Thia Khiang?

Nothing more than pawns for his personal political advancement?


Is Chen Show Mao a better leader?

i think so.

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