Nice R(A) Movie by Singaporeans


Local director Sam Loh, expressed that he was surprised that the MDA chose not to make any cuts to his new film, Lang Tong, for its world Premier at the Singapore International Film Festival on December 13 this year.

The film will be showing at 11:30pm at the National Museum of Singapore with tickets available from Sistic at $12 a ticket.

His film, centring around numerous scenes of sex, violence and nudity was rated R21 and it was left uncut.

Loh explained that his earlier film, Outsiders, in 2004 had had several scenes cut from it and he decided not to go ahead with its screening in Singapore as he wanted the film to stay whole.

Loh felt that all the nudity and violence was necessary in the film and he refused to allow scenes to be cut for it to be played.

Instead, he took it to other markets and had it screened there.

Loh commented that the censorship in Singapore has changed considerable from 10 years ago when his first film was released.

Conceived and written seven years ago, Lang Tong, which means ‘nice soup’ in Cantonese follows the plot of a remorseless, serial womaniser who is a conman.

He meets a well-to-do woman before having an affair with her sister and getting involved in a gruesome string of murders.

See the film trailer here: *Warning, Not Safe for Work*

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